Riding Lessons

Our lesson program is based on Centered and Balanced Riding with emphasis on Resistance Free learning with the horse.  Students will ride in western saddles, english saddles, and bareback.  Our students learn proper form, rein aids, leg aids, seat aids, and vocal cues with a focus on proper muscle development.

We offer several different lesson horses with different abilities to help the riders advance through all levels of the program.  Our lessons teach students from the ground up including:  haltering, tying, saddling, bridling, grooming, general care, and control.  Riders have the opportunity to ride pattern work, barrels, poles, jumping, trails, and more!

Beginners start in a 30 minute private lesson meeting once per week.  With instructor’s permission, intermediate riders can move forward into a 1 hour group lesson which also meets once per week.  All lessons run in a month to month progression program.  We ride all year with the exception of extreme weather conditions and/or illness.

We also have lessons geared to put students in the show ring.  Riders owning a horse may be eligible for these lessons with instructor evaluation and permission.