Meet the Horses!

Candy will be the first to greet you here at Brighter Pastures with her friendly nicker and soft nuzzle.  She is an excellent mount for the beginner but knows when to provide challenges for even the most advanced riders.  Candy, known for her gentle and old soul, is one of our most attuned, providing wonderful horse-human interactive sessions.

Having spent many years in the show ring with youth riders, Punkin has the incredible experience and skill to teach people of all ages to become strong and confident. Punkin is kind, inquisitive and very bright. She has a way of bringing joy to everyone she meets with her thoughtfulness and wonderful, fun personality.

Moose is a fun-loving guy who can never have too much attention or grass.  He is playful and inquisitive while being extremely patient, loving, and forgiving.  Moose has very smooth, balanced gaits making him an easy mount for every age and stage.  As one of our smallest, Moose makes it easy for people to build confidence.

Romeo is Candy's son, born, raised, and trained on our farm.  The youngest in the herd, Romeo is very bright and playful and has become a wonderful addition to our program.  You will often find Romeo and Moose rough-housing and rearranging obstacles in the arena.

Zoe is a beautiful girl with a big personality.  She works well with nearly everyone and really enjoys being challenged in the ring with a variety of pattern and obstacle work, and boy does she love to jump!

Angel has an incredibly sweet disposition.  She is eager to please and a hard worker.  She could spend endless hours enjoying the quiet company of humans.  Angel is very intuitive and adaptive.

Popcorn is a sensitive girl, very attuned to the humans she works with.  She came to Brighter Pastures as a youngster with her own baggage and we have enjoyed helping her grow and transition into a wonderful part of our herd.

Cisco is the oldest horse at Brighter Pastures but don't let that fool you!  He has a wonderfully sweet and spunky nature and has no problem holding his own with the younger horses in the herd, especially when it comes to working obstacles, patterns, and jumps.