About Shanna and Brighter Pastures

Shanna Morgan is a mother of four, Equine Scientist, Life Coach, and founder of Brighter Pastures. Shanna has loved horses her entire life. Growing up, she spent her free time with her horses, trail riding, training, and showing in many disciplines. She always knew that she wanted to work with horses; however, horses are not her only passion. Shanna loves helping people, especially children.

Shanna earned a Bachelor of Science in Equine Science with a minor in Early Childhood Education. This field of study allowed her to shape her future as an Equine Specialist who understands how to communicate with and teach her younger clients. After starting a family, Shanna earned a Master of Science studying Equine Reproductive Physiology. During her master’s work, she helped instruct undergraduate students in the fields of equine science, riding, and training. Shanna recently earned her Master Practitioner Life Coaching Certification specializing in neurolinguistics, Gestalt therapy, transformation, and empowerment. Throughout her lifetime, Shanna has had opportunities to study under numerous clinicians and specialists including: NARHA, Monty Roberts, Sally Swift, John Lyons, Buck Brannaman, Pat and Linda Parelli, Craig Cameron, Clinton Anderson, Mark Rashid, Karen Rohlf, Richard Shrake, Greg Kertsen, and Ariana Strozzi.

Early in her career, Shanna trained children to ride and show horses. This is where she witnessed the therapeutic benefits of horses and the large positive impact that horses had on their young riders. This reflected her own experience growing up, as horses had helped her deal with her own early childhood trauma and the ongoing stress and challenges of life.

Shanna started utilizing the therapeutic benefits of horses to help children and adults alike. This motivated her to found Brighter Pastures. This is her way to help all of those who seek a connection with horses as a way of personal growth, therapy, and healing. Shanna’s caring nature, deep connection and understanding of horses allow her to infer a client’s thoughts, needs and feelings without them saying a word. Shanna loves helping people through horses and hopes that she can help many more!

Our Mission and Goal:
Through horse-human interaction, Brighter Pastures will encourage self-awareness, positive attitudes, empowerment, self-esteem, life-skills, emotional healing, and personal growth. Brighter Pastures will use experiential learning with horses to enrich the quality of lives and relationships of individuals, groups, and families; therefore, enhancing their productivity and success within their home, school, work, and community.
Brighter Pastures is non-discriminatory on the basis of race, creed, color, gender, age, religion, or economic status.