Our Services

Reflective Equine Assisted Coaching & Healing (REACH) is our newest, most productive, and most rewarding program offered. REACH was conceptualized by Shanna Morgan at Brighter Pastures.  REACH provides a way to reflect on your personal strengths, weaknesses, and issues. This reflection helps you to determine what is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself and achieving your dreams. Through horse-human interactions, you will have the chance to reflect, redefine, and realign to live your best life.

Equine Assisted Therapeutic Activities (EATA) are a type of experiential mental health treatment. EATA is a process that pairs horses and humans to promote emotional healing and growth through thought-provoking metaphoric interactions. These interactions are used to explore your personal behaviors and feelings while teaching healthy life skills. Sessions can include individuals, families, and groups. EATA is used to treat a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, ADD/ADHD, trauma, and more. This type of therapeutic horse-human interaction is also extremely beneficial to those who have life-threatening illnesses, physical disabilities, and autism-spectrum disorders. Our program encourages individuals to interact with horses in a way that teaches: trust, empathy, communication, and respect.

Equine Assisted Education & Learning provides opportunities to learn about horses and the benefits they provide. We offer workshops and clinics to school groups, 4-H, FFA, and scouts. Educational clinics and workshops include: Horsemanship, Equine Science and Management, Equine Behavior, History and Uses of Horses, Using Horses as a Mode of Therapy, Centered/Balanced Riding, and more!  

Horseback Riding Lessons are based on Centered and Balanced Riding. We emphasize Resistance Free learning for the horse. Students will ride in western saddles, english saddles, and bareback. Our students learn proper form, rein aids, leg aids, seat aids, and vocal cues. There are several lesson horses on our team that have different abilities to help riders advance through all levels of horsemanship.  Our lessons teach students from the ground up including: haltering, tying, saddling, bridling, grooming, general care, and control. Riders have the opportunity to ride pattern work, barrels, poles, jumping, trails, and more!

Equine Guided Corporate & Leadership Training is offered to business owners, managers, teachers, sororities, fraternities, and other groups. Our programs are catered to those who wish to build leadership, team-building, and conflict resolution skills while building trust in relationships and teams. Through working with horses, individuals attain a greater sense of self-awareness. Through a dynamic process of horse-human interactions, horses will provide timely, undiluted, non-judgmental feedback.